Filler Choices


Standard Candy Choices

Cola Bottles

Sour Cola Bottles 

Sour Keys 

Sour Worms


Gummy Bears 

Gummy Treats 

Jelly Beans 


Peach Rings

Watermelon Rings

Berry Rings

Flying Saucers

Standard Chocolate Choices

Kit Kat Bites 

Mars Bites

Twix Bites 


Skores bites

M & M


Mini Eggs 

Premium Choices

Hershey Kisses 

Lindt Lindor 

Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Button UK

Areo Bubbles

Home Made Cookies 

Decorated Cookies

Cake Pops

Chocolate covered pretzels 

Chocolate covered popcorn

Dried Fruit 

Premium choices come at an additional cost.  Prices may vary

Kosher available upon request 

We personalize our boxes with chocolate letters or numbers from our medium boxes and up.

Writing is additional cost of: 

$5 for the first 15 letters 

$0.25 for any letter after that